What We Think

Data Science is beyond Tech Skills

Many people think of data science as a collective term for technologies and disciplines such as AI, machine learning, statistics, and programming. However, that is a misunderstanding. Genuine data science involves actions and analytical thinking to discover insights and solve challenges using data and technology.

Who We Are

Our goal is to enhance individual and organizational problem discovery and solving skills.We also create new business by data science and AI.

Large organizations frequently depend on decision-making rooted in experience and intuition, which can limit individual problem-solving abilities. Our data science approach aims to improve these skills, thereby enhancing business competitiveness by proactively identifying and resolving challenges. As a group dedicated to business innovation, we partner with diverse businesses, focusing on discovering and solving problems and actively pursuing new challenges and innovative solutions.

How We Approach

Social Capital + Data Science = Create Internal Startups

Our unique approach enables rapid creation of internal startups. It involves leveraging a network of professionals trained in data science from our Business Insight business. This data science community provides a wealth of business ideas, allowing us to identify previously unseen business challenges. Our core strength is the synergy of “social capital + data science,” driving our ability to innovate in business creation.

What We Do

Business Insight Services

  • Business professionals with diverse backgrounds acquire essential and practical data science skills through our school. By learning data science, they empower themselves to discover and solve challenges independently.

  • We provide training tailored to the challenges of digital transformation and data utilization faced by companies. Through training sessions and workshops, we discover latent issues within businesses, collaboratively bring them to the forefront, and collectively develop tangible solutions through data science.

  • We visualize the skills of Business Translators bridging business and data science and Citizen Data Scientists conducting data analysis on the business side.

AI/DS Solution Services

  • We support data analysis projects, launch new businesses utilizing data science and AI, establish frameworks for data-driven management, and assist in launching data analysis teams.

  • Coming soon…

  • Coming soon…

  • We develop and operate Excert, an online examination platform that enables fair and impartial testing even in remote settings.

Our Value


Continue to create new values though data science, AI and engnieering


To be Open Lab for solving social and business challenges


  • Understanding others more than being understood.

    We approach the concerns of our students, customers, colleagues, and stakeholders with a hands-on understanding.

  • Try it out immediately. Learn from results.

    We recognize that there are many things we won’t understand until we try. We strive to find the quickest ways to experiment, learn from the results, and make improvements.

  • Execute with care and thoroughness.

    We understand that results don’t come easily. We believe that it is through careful and thorough execution that we achieve outstanding outcomes.

  • Unleash strengths limitlessly.

    As professionals in the data science business, we value the ability of each individual to maximize their unique qualities and strengths.

  • Commit to the growth of our team members

    As collaborators in building the Open Lab, we engage in mutual feedback with compassion and respect, pushing each other to grow and excel.


  • 堅田 洋資

    代表取締役社長 兼 CEO堅田 洋資

    一橋大学商学部卒業後、外資系メーカーのマースジャパンにてファイナンスとマーケティング、KPMG FASにて事業再生アドバイザリー業務を経験。その後、University of San Franciscoでデータサイエンスの修士号を取得。帰国後、データサイエンティストとして監査法人トーマツ、白ヤギコーポレーションでデータ分析プロジェクトやレコメンデーションエンジン開発等に従事。2017年にピープルドットを創業し、代表取締役に就任。

  • 小林 俊紀

    取締役 COO小林 俊紀


  • 福澤 彰吾

    執行役員福澤 彰吾


    データ分析実務スキル検定 公式テキスト(インプレス)


  • 石井 ゆり香

    管理担当取締役石井 ゆり香


  • 松倉 大士

    社外取締役松倉 大士

    東京工業大学大学院博士課程(理論宇宙物理学)卒業後、PwCで事業再生やM&Aアドバイザリー業務、Morgan Stanleyで投資銀行業務に従事。宇宙ベンチャーispaceのChief Mission Officerを経て、起業。現在、哲学ラボを運営するwov株式会社のFounder&CEO、および米Philosophy Technologies,Inc.のCo-Founder&Co-CEO。

  • 左近允 陽平

    社外取締役左近允 陽平


  • 永井 亮

    社外取締役永井 亮

    東京大学法学部卒業後、アンダーソン・毛利・友常法律事務所に入所、現在同事務所のスペシャル・カウンセル弁護士。2012年からJPモルガン証券に出向、投資銀行業務に従事した後、2015年にはスペインIE Business Schoolを卒業し、経営学修士号(MBA)を取得。現在は多数のスタートアップに顧問、社外役員等として関与。


Join the Team

We are looking for people who resonate with our vision and are willing to collaborate wholeheartedly to achieve our mission.